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Assignment on the Operations of Apple Inc

Number of Words : 1809

Popular By : Apple Porter Five Force Analysis, Apple SWOT Analysis


  Background of the company
  Porter Five Force Analysis
  SWOT Analysis
  Demand Forecast
  Quality and Customer service
  Environmental Focus
  Labor and Material


This assignment answers the following questions on Apple Inc – <br />What are the major products? How are products related to operations?<br />• Is this a service or manufacturing company?<br />• How do you define the industry?<br />• Is there a mission statement? If so, what is it?<br />• What are short and long term goals?<br />• Strengths? Weaknesses? Opportunities? Threats? Competitors?<br />• Is a big company, small company, or small site of a big company?<br />• How does this firm compete in its industry? What does it have to do well?<br />• Is the company at capacity?<br />• What is the demand, and what changes are forecast?<br />• How does this company handle quality? Customer service?<br />• How does the company handle scheduling of materials and/or labor?<br />• Is the organization environmentally friendly?<br />• Other operations issues?<br />• Summarize conclusions.<br />

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