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Application of e-Business model to ticketing system in Bus transport of South India

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Number of References : 6


 Introduction on e-Business model to ticketing system
 About State Express Transport Corporation (SETC)
 SETC Operations
 Problems of ticketing system in Bus transport of South India
 Selling chain of Government Bus transport in South India
 E-Business model B2C Ecommerce
 Selling chain @ SETC
 Development function of Government Bus transport of South India
 E-Business model and Value added service
 Conclusion and Recommendations on E-Business model
 References to ticketing system in Bus transport of South India
 Appendix of e-business model


This report deals and discusses about the government bus corporation called as State Express <b>Transport</b> Corporation (SETC) and its selling chain. SETC is basically a government based <b>transport</b> corporation which operates more than 900 <b>buses</b> in South India interconnecting 4 states. Here its selling chain in internet is discussed which is based on e <b>ticketing</b> to the passengers who are considered as the customers. Initially the current working procedure of SETC as a <b>business</b> function and e <b>ticketing</b> has been discussed. Then it reports the selling chain of SETC. It further continues its discussion about the development of the <b>business</b> function through its e <b>ticketing</b> process and its value prepositions to the customers. Value prepositions include the improvement in the web page of SETC for E <b>ticketing</b> process and its values to the customers and their convenience in planning their trip. The problems and recommendations are also been discussed at the final part of this paper.<br />

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