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Assignment on the application of management accounting principles to its varied products and services of HSBC Bank, Amanah

Number of Words : 1730

Number of References : 7


  Products offered by HSBC Bank, Amanah
  Management Accounting – Key Concepts & Techniques
  The management accounting techniques recommended for HSBC Amanah
  Analysis of the Recommended Management Accounting Techniques


To complete this project report, HSBC bank has been chosen to analyze application of management accounting principles to its varied products and services and its deliverance to customers. HSBC Amanah is a fastest rowing bank in Muslim community and saw its emergence in 1998. The bank has been operational from 1998 and caters to diverse needs of customers who are Muslim. HSBC is an international bank and at present has over 300 offices covering areas of Middle East, Asia, Pacific, America and European countries. <br />The topic of study is HSBC Amanah which is one of the largest growing Islamic banks catering to the needs of Muslims by serving them with attractive financial products and lucrative financial schemes to population of Islam. HSBC Amanah is headquartered at Dubai and accounts for about 4 Billion USD assets to serve the varied financial needs of Muslim population. The financial products offered by the bank are in accordance with the Sharia principles and through this project, we aim at explaining the management accounting and its application to financial products to manage banking operations<br />

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