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Research paper on the Approaches for the Process of Supplier Selection in the Turkish Industry

Number of Words : 4470

Number of References : 15


 Chapter 1 Introduction
  1.1 Introduction
  1.2 Importance of study
  1.3 Research Issues and Questions
  1.4 Current Developments
  1.5 Objectives of the Study
 Chapter 2 Literature Review& Hypothesis
 Chapter 3 Research Methodology
  3.1 Research methodology
  3.2 Evaluation & Questionnaire Selection
  3.3 Research Model
  3.4 Sample Selection, Sample Size & Collection of Data
  3.5 Variables
  3.6 Method for Data Collection
  3.7 Research Tool
 Chapter 4 Results and Discussion
 Chapter 5 Conclusion
  5.1 Concluding Remarks
  5.2 References


This article mainly describes and elaborates the use of various effective approaches for the supplier selection. The supplier selection is described as a key to the success of company. In the survey of the literature, various approaches towards evaluating and selecting the suppliers have been found. Among these approaches, the partnership, criteria and multi criteria decision making approaches are necessary to be implemented in the today’s competitive world. These all approaches are given in the research model and strategies to implement. Less attention has been given and many industries ignore them to the effective outcome of these approaches. As a result of the current competitive environment and increasing demands of time, quality and delivery, this paper presents the successful approaches for the implementation of the supplier selection process.<br />

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