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Assignment on Appropriate HR model in an organization

Number of Words : 3577

Number of References : 22


  Strategic HR model
  Need for appropriate HR model
  Contingent approaches of HR model
  Importance of relationship between HR model and business strategy
  Challenges of human resource management
  HR practices associated with various directional strategies


– This assignment is based on the following requirement – <br />Consider the following statement about Strategy and Human Resource Management.<br />The economic and technological context has changed very significantly over the last thirty years and this has led to some key adaptations in HR systems in a firm. “A firm‘s HR strategy is typically ‘variegated’: it incorporates a mix of HR systems or models. HR systems are clusters of work and employment practices that have evolved to manage major hierarchical or occupational groups in the firm. HR systems help management to build the human and social capital the firm needs to reach its overall goals in HRM.” ( Boxall and Purcell (2008, p.201).<br />Task<br />Critically analyse the need for an appropriate HR model for a firm in order to achieve organisational strategy/direction and HRM. You are required to examine on HR challenges and the different issues and also practices associated with various directional strategies.<br />

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