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Analysis of the famous case study – ‘Are you making your staff ill’

Number of Words : 3818

Number of References : 14


 The assignment is based on the following assignment description –
 Read the case study “Are you making your staff ill” in your text – De Cieri, H & Kramar, R 2008,
 Human resource management in Australia, 3rd edn, McGraw Hill Australia, Sydney, pp.582-583, and write a report.
 In your report, you must:
 1. provide a critical analysis of ethics and HRM and also other relevant issues directly or indirectly reflected in the case.
 2. focus on theories and principles, issues involved in the consideration of rights, responsibilities, fairness and justice in the employment relationship.
 3. discuss what has changed/is changing in the nature of work that is causing the employee to be sick?
 4. examine the real causes of illness in the work place and evaluate that the solutions being proposed in some companies deal with this problem.
 5. draw on research and practical evidence and theoretical models to support your views and to justify arguments.


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