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How to write Compare and Contrast Essay

Compare and Contrast essay involve analysis of the differences and similarities of two different topics. The compare and contrast essay topics besides discussing the similarity and differences in the subject also presents effective arguments about both the subjects. The cause and effect essay is similar to compare and contrast essay wherein the causes and their effects are compared and contrasted to analyze the impact of the causes and compare their effects on other elements.

Outline of the Compare and Contrast Essay

To write compare and contrast essay the writer has to choose two topics, which can be compared and contrasted. The topics chosen can be from the same category or different categories or the ones, which appear same but are entirely different. The writer should ensure that the subjects can be effectively discussed and which would help readers understand both topics effectively and also understand the similarities and differences of the two topics. To write a compare and contrast essay one has to analyze the various aspects of the topic and roughly chalk out the various qualities or attributes of the topics or elements selected for the essay. The writer should initially roughly write down various aspects of both the topics and then compare their attributes and highlight the difference and the level of difference and independently arrive at their usefulness. The writer has to choose only the important attributes on which the compare and contrast of the subjects can be carried out and which can be interest for the writers and the readers. This essay involves chalking out a compare and contrast thesis, which should brief about why the two chosen subjects are useful when put together and compared. The essay normally has a structure, which includes introduction, main body including different paragraphs to discuss and contrast the similarities and differences of the two topics. The paragraphs discussing the similarities and differences should include necessary evidences and examples to have better understanding of the concepts discussed in the essay. The roughly written points about the two topics should be well organized and should have enough support for the statements made. The writers should attempt to highlight the points, which everyone might not be aware of about the two selected topics, which will help the writer and the reader to develop new ideas or skills from the observation and analysis. In the end the conclusion summarizes the writers stand about the two topics and highlights his/her conclusion on the topics discussed in the main body. The writer before starting to write the essay should identify, which of the points in the topics are interesting, important and relevant and include only those in the essay rather than carrying out a broad discussion on both the topics. The conclusion includes restating of the thesis statement and show how the writer’s argument on one of the topic holds good against the other topic discussed in the essay. Compare and contrast essay examples include comparing and contrasting ideas of two individuals, historical events, two pieces of writing or two people. Compare and contrast essay helps the writer and the reader to view topics critically and think over the contrasting factor sin the topic, which they might have never observed before.

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