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Indepth Analysis of Asian Financial Crisis with Perspective of Thailand and Indonesia

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  1997 Asian Financial Crisis: An introduction
  Two severely affected nations – Thailand & Indonesia
  List of references


The 1997-98 Asian Financial crises is considered as one of the biggest economic, financial and social shock after Great Depression where Asian countries like Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia and Korea got a major hit on their economies. Though, the ripples were felt in whole of the world.<br />The actual hit came on July, 2, 1997 with the terrible devaluation of Thai baht bringing down currencies, stock markets, and other assets in number of Asian countries; threatening their economies; and disrupted their financial and social system at large.<br />The booming and dizzying economies with rampant growth in Asian region over a decade suddenly turned into havoc with a buzz all around the world. The decade which was being witnessed by the economist with a ray of light was also criticised by few others such as Paul Krugmen etc. They sonorously marked it out there went amiss somewhere in the policies and financial returns behind this apparent hike in economies of scale but no one paid heed to it. Few years down the line the anticipation of pessimism from certain economist turned true and major setback in growth of economies turned pragmatic.<br />In this essay we will discuss the economies of two major affected nations-Thailand and Indonesia, amidst the back drop of financial crises and recovery process. This essay is an in-depth analysis into both the economies and how they got affected by the financial crises of 1997 and what all factors helped them to rejuvenate from the fierce meltdown in the economies.<br />

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