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Assessing Potential Markets for Bright Trucks Ltd

Number of Words : 3753

Number of References : 22


 Introduction 3
 Choice of market 3
 Market environment and industry analysis 4
 PEST analysis 4
 Egypt 4
 Morocco 5
 South Africa 6
 Industry analysis 7
 Egypt 7
 South Africa 8
 Morocco 8
 International business and consumer behaviour 9
 Egypt 9
 South Africa 10
 Morocco 10
 Risk factors for international marketing 10
 Egypt 10
 South Africa 11
 Morocco 11
 SWOT analysis 12
 Egypt 12
 South Africa 13
 Morocco 14
 Recommendation 14
 Conclusion 15
 Bibliography 17


This report is based on the following task - <br />The Task<br />Emerging economies are becoming key targets for companies wanting to expand in international markets. Assume you are Senior Expert in the International Market Research Department of a trucks manufacturing company, Bright Trucks Ltd. The headquarters of Bright Trucks Ltd. is located in London, UK, and markets its trucks worldwide. Its strategy is to get a good foothold in emerging markets, and has various production and marketing operations in several Asian and European emerging markets. Considering their further expansion the management believes that their company has huge potential in the African market. However, preliminary investigation has identified that three countries, Egypt, Morocco, and South Africa, are the only countries described as ‘emerging economies’. <br />As its key strategy is to exploit opportunities in emerging economies, Bright Trucks Ltd. wants to look into the emerging economies of the African continent. The following is the brief you are given by the General Manager: Bright Trucks Ltd. wants to know which of the three markets it should enter first, therefore undertake a comparative analysis. In your analysis examine the investment environment, effects of governments’ interventionist policies, the market potential, the impact of regional integration initiatives, if any, and related issues with a clear identification of opportunities and threats in each of these markets. Recommend which country should the company entre first, explain why, and indicate how it should enter this market with justification.<br />

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