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Assessing the impact of security programs on organisation’s management

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 Abstract 2
 Introduction 4
 Current security situation 5
 Overall security program at HRD Excellence 5
 Professional plan of training requirements 8
 ISO security standards 10
 Information Security Certifications 11
 Risk assessment 12
 Conclusion 14
 References 15


Information and data are key assets for any organizations. Success of businesses depends on data and information and the wrong information or incorrect use of data often lead to unsuccessful business outcomes (Widén-Wulff & Suomi, 2007). Data security is not only important for organizations but also concerns public security, society and the nation as a whole. Additionally, the security prerequisites depends whether the association is a public or a private sector organization. Along these lines, the way toward sourcing, sharing and in gathering of information, one needs to consider legal issues, security and ethical standards. Security programs helps in risk assessment and the processes of applying security measures in organizations. It can be understood that security of data about the laborers, shareholders, customers and other stakeholders are profoundly crucial for organizations (Maes et al., 2011).<br />Implementing a security program helps the organization to alleviate the danger of losing information in any case the factors that might lead to security breach in the organization are mitigated. Moreover, security program also defines and specifies the management processes of security of data and information life cycle processes. Ideally if the security program has been implemented effectively the business misfortune rising due to security reasons can be mitigated (Baker & Wallace, 2007). In many cases it has been noted that if a security program is in place and a loss has been incurred by the organization with legal consequences, the security program serves as a proof that the company had implemented anti breach programs diligently as prescribed by the industrial standards and therefore, it was not the company’s intention or its fault that the security breach has occurred (Peltier, 2016).<br />The present paper aims to resourcefully recognize and resolve organizational issues. Therefore, the security program helps to implement effective management processes. In this case the organization has been chosen to be HRD Excellence. The primary focus of HRD excellence is to improve the performance level of organization by enhancing the level of performance of human resources in their organizations. <br />

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