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Assignment on an issue that has affected the New Zealand economy within the last 10 years

Number of Words : 2344

Number of References : 11


 This assignment is based on the following requirement -
 Research Assignment Instructions
 In this assessment you will consider an issue that has affected the New Zealand economy within the last 10 years. You are required to make use of the macroeconomic theory and policy you learnt in class(which is plz read the class slide) to provide a critical analysis and evaluation of a policy undertaken by Government or the Reserve Bank of New Zealand to address the issue. Your essay should not exceed 2500 words.
 To assist you in the completion of your research assignment, use the following structure:
 Make sure it is appropriate
 Abstract (100 word maximum)
 Provide a brief summary of your paper
 (10 marks in total for title and abstract)
 Introduction (400 words maximum)
 Your research question; i.e. the questions you seek to answer; the objectives of research
 Motivation; explain precisely why the topic is problematic and worth discussing with reference to the literature
 Details on the structure of the rest of the paper
 (10 marks)
 A review of appropriate theoretical literature (1000 words maximum)
 Review of related macroeconomic theory
 Review of related research to your topic
 (40 marks)
 Analysis and Evaluation of Policy (700 words maximum)
 A clear and thorough description of the policy response in attempting to address the issue
 Reflect on whether that policy action was effective
 Give recommendations of alternative measures that could have been employed
 (30 marks)
 Conclusion (300 words maximum)
 Briefly summarise your findings and reflections.
  (10 marks)
 NB: It is important to provide a complete reference list. Bar-coded hardcopy submission to WF level 1 hand in box AND Electronic Submission via Turnitin.


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