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Assignment on Customer Portfolio Analysis

Number of Words : 3350

Number of References : 16


 This report is based on the following requirement -
 “In much the same way that we can examine a portfolio of products or brands, the importance of customers as assets and investment centres mandates a similar portfolio analysis.”
 Hooley, G., Piercy, N., and Nicoulaud, B., (2012), Marketing Strategy and Competitive Positioning, 5th ed., Prentice Hall, p 400.
 By reference to academic literature, explore the concept of the customer portfolio and in particular Strategic Account Management. For an identified company, indicate how the company could apply the concept, making recommendations.
 You are required to produce a business report which demonstrates your understanding of key aspects of the Management of Marketing.
 The report should be addressed to a specific person in your selected company – the Managing Director or equivalent. It should have:
 a sound theoretical and conceptual perspective, containing evidence of critical debate within an appropriate academic literature. A minimum of 6 academic journal articles should be referred to.
 an effective practical foundation, which makes management recommendations for the company.


The paper briefly discusses the concept of customer portfolio and strategic account management. The paper then recommends on how these concepts can be applied to Geant, a leading retail chain company. <br />

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