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Assignment on employee relations

Number of Words : 3230

Number of References : 10


 This report is based on the following requirement -
 Task One:
 WIth reference to examples/ cases of your choice and to contextual factors, critically examine the erte to which key players in the employment relationship may contribute to effective employment envi ron ment.
 Briefing Notes -
 The answer will depend on the cases you select. Do not simply list all of the key players that you can think of ('government', 'unions', 'consumers') but modify your answer to specific organisations and be equally detailed when examining the role that they play. You therefore should not mention 'trade unions' but if trade unions are involved, name the specific union with reference to its power, activity and membership.
 Task Two: Case Study
 Muna is employed as a secretary for XYZ Co. Ltd for a wage of RO. 200 for a 40-hour week, while other secretaries are getting RO.300 for 40 hours per week. Muna is given an additional duty that is not mentioned in her contract of employment. The additional duty is to drive a business car which does not have a safety belt and her job is to make daily round trips to the head office and certain sub-stations.
 Muna dislikes the frequent requests to make round trips, and responds by disobedience to direct instructions from her direct manager and also by completing tasks given to her carelessly and incompetently.
 Her direct superior reported the problems to the Chief Executive Officer who has the overall responsibility. He warned Muna for the consequences of her disobedience, carelessness and incompetence. Muna always replied by pointing out that the company is asking her to do uncontracted jobs and to drive a car without safety belt, which might force her to pay traffic fines.
 One day Muna arrived to find a dismissal letter on her desk with immediate effect without giving her a notice. The reason given in the dismissal letter was for being involved in a car accident, which happened on the previous day and the business car being scrapped.
 Briefing Notes -
 The answer should be in essay format that focuses on the case of Muna's dismissal; mentioning some legal references to support the discussion. Critically describe the rights of the employer and the rights of Muna under Oman Labor Law.


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