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Paper on Atomic theory

Number of Words : 2167

Number of References : 6


 This paper answers the following questions on Atomic theory –
 Question 1- Outline the major source of evidence found for the evolution of Atomic Theory?
 Question 2- Determine the shortcoming of the prevailing atomic theories of the time which led to the associated modifications?
 Question 3- Explain how the process of inductive and deductive thinking was central to the development of the atomic theory?
 Question 4 – Determine how Moseley and Bohr identified the anomaly present in the work of Mendeleev and Rutherford and how the work of Moseley and Bohr made important refinements to the understanding of the atom.
 Question 5- Justify the fact that Bohr is said to have paved the way for the Quantum Theory although his model was limited.
 Question 6- Analyze the major source of evidence for Periodic table to identify patterns, trends, errors and anomalies.


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