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Audit plan on Cloud 9 Pty Ltd

Number of Words : 2512

Number of References : 7


 General and Industry-specific economic trends and conditions
 Competitive environment
 Product information
 Customer Information
 Supplier information
 The Effect of Technology
 Laws and regulations affecting the industry
 PART “B” Calculating the preliminary assessment for materiality
 Bases for Evaluating Materiality
 Starting and Ending points
 Internal Control Weakness


This report is based on Cloud 9 Pty ltd which was originally founded in 1980 by R.A. McLellan. In this report we are going to discuss the audit plan in which we will state the background of Cloud 9, business it carries and the industry that it operates in. We are also going to access the company for business risk and identify the areas where there may be an increased risk of material misstatement. Further we are going to calculate the preliminary assessment for materiality. At the end we will show the flowchart of the accounting process for Cloud 9 and state where we think there might be an internal control weakness in the process.<br />

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