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A comparative study on Structure & Framework of Australian & Japanese equity markets

Number of Words : 6052

Number of References : 20


 Introduction of Australian – Japanese stock exchanges
 Australian equity market
 Reserve bank of Australia
 Australian securities & Investment commission (ASIC)
 Australian Competition & Consumer Commission (ACCC)
 Australian Stock Exchange (ASX)
 Australian government
 Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA)
 Japanese Equity market
 Bank of Japan
 Securities & Exchange Surveillance Commission of Japan (SESC)
 National Consumer Affairs Centre of Japan (NCAC)
 Japanese government
 Financial supervisory agency of Japan (FSA)
 Tokyostock exchange (TSE)
 Aberdeen asset management, Australia
 Mitsubishi UFJ financial group Inc – Japan
 Aberdeen & Mitsubishi – Strategic issues
 Australian vs. Japanese equity markets
 Conclusion on Australian vs. Japanese stock exchange
 Bibliography on equity market


The Australian <b>equity market</b>increased sharply over the last quarter in 2006 (Permanent Australian Equity Fund 2006). Its return by September was a substantial 24%. However, the overall investment market in Australia experienced significant volatility over the last two months of the present year. The Reserve Bank of Australia cut the target cash rate by 0.25% in September (Legg Mason Growth Trust 2008). During this period, the Australian shares fell by 10.4%. Till 1997, the pace of Japanese financial market reform has generally been slower than that of other industrialized countries such as the UK and the US. There was no major reform implemented in the Tokyo <b>Stock Exchange</b>until 1990s. Consequently, Tokyo’s share of the global <b>equity market</b> was shrinking more and more. Some of the significant characteristic features of Japanese economy are - low tax rates, plenty of economic freedom, and an economic system dominated by the public sector. <br />

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