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Assignment report on credit risk management of Australian banks

Number of Words : 2897

Number of References : 15


 Introduction – Purpose, Background, Scope, Limitations
 Credit riskCredit risk faced by banks, Structures and policies to manage credit risk, Regulations imposed by APRA and their effectiveness.
 Statement of monetary policy 2006
 Westpac’s credit quality and credit risk management systems
 Conclusion on credit risk management
 Reference list of credit risk management


The report focuses on; identifying <b>credit risk</b> faced by banks, structures and policies in place to <b>manage credit risk</b>, regulations imposed by APRA to limit <b>credit risk</b> and their effectiveness in protecting shareholders and depositors. The report will also identify the comments in the RBA paper that may have caused the concerns and finally report on Westpac’s credit quality and <b>credit risk management</b> systems and approach.<br />

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