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Assignment on a recent Australian corporate collapse to identify how the principles of corporate governance failed - Harris Scarfe

Number of Words : 1597

Number of References : 5


 This assignment is based on the following assignment description –
 Students are presented with an opportunity to undertake an empirical study of the relationship between corporate governance and corporate performance. A critical analysis of a recent Australian corporate collapse is undertaken to identify how the principles of corporate governance failed. The relationship of the board to other corporate stakeholders concluding with a coherent assessment of how the collapse could have been averted is considered.
 Specifically, assessment/moderation will be based on the following issues:
  Identification of the areas of corporate governance breakdown
  Analysis of the board’s relationship to other corporate shareholders
  Recommend strategy that should/could have been implemented so as to avoid the breakdown
  What deficiencies in the system of corporate governance of the chosen entity became apparent in the Special Investigation? What lessons can be learned from this case study?
  What circumstances led to the investigation?
  Describe the corporate governance practices which contributed to the problems faced by the company.
 The company chosen for this assignment is Harris Scarfe


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