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E-Marketing strategy for Australian Higher Education and University of Western Sydney (UWS)

Number of Words : 5335

Number of References : 19


 Introduction 2
 Executive Summary 2
 Why study in Australia? 3
 Benefits of e-marketing 6
 Developing a Plan for e-marketing 7
 Implementing Plan 8
 Site Analysis 11
 Surveys through testing and User Input 11


The aim of this project is to analyze how e-marketing can help UWS to region of India in marketing their higher education amongst the aspiring students. E-marketing can be very useful in enhancing the institutional culture development at the UWS that fosters creativity, academic excellence and productivity. <br />This report includes different methods a company, business or schools and universities can apply to market their goods/services internationally. You have number of options available, out of which you need to scrutinize which one is most favourable to you in terms of cost as well as reach. UWS offers different courses, which it has to market to the aspiring Indian students. This report shows how the university is a better option in comparison to its other competitors and the benefits the students would get on securing admission there. The culture of the university is unique as it has the most diverse population in terms of ethnicity. <br />

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