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Assignment on Bacteria outbreak crisis faced by Odwalla Inc and how did its crisis management in response

Number of Words : 3008

Number of References : 3


  The outbreak of the bacteria
  The sequence of events
  A deeper look into the matter
  How did company respond to this crisis?
  Price and Profit
  So all is well?


This assignment is based on the following requirement – <br />Select a major organisational crisis and write a report critically evaluating the key issues that the organisation faced and how these were managed<br />Give a brief outline of the organisational crisis you have selected and the events which occurred.<br />This should include background information about the organisation and about the crisis – limit this to no more than approx 500 words – you should not have pages of description – marks are awarded for analysis not for description.<br />Outline the key business continuity issues which they faced and how0 these were dealt managed e.g. Were there early warning signs? Who was involved? How did the crisis unfold? Consider the extent to which the business was disrupted? What did they do to minimise business interruption? How did they handle the media? How did they communicate the crisis to other stakeholders? Consider the impact the event had on the organisation: the scale of the event; the cost to the company – short term & long term; consider the organisations various stakeholders, in what ways were they impacted?<br />

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