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Evaluation of E-commerce and E-business practices of Bank of Scotland

Number of Words : 3491

Number of References : 15


 Introduction 6
 2 Bank of Scotland 6
 3 E-Commerce Practices of Bank of Scotland 7
 4 Evaluation criteria 9
 5 Branding 11
 6 Segmentation 13
 7 Transactional Facilities 14
 8 Degree of Integration between Online and Offline Operations 15
 9 Recommendations to improve operations 15
 10 Conclusion 16
 11 References


E-commerce and E-business have become integral part of banking system of the 21st century. Integrating E-commerce in banking has become a specialized field itself. The success of the overall banking system includes the efficiency with which these E-commerce applications function in the banking environment. The success of E-commerce also depends upon customers’ participation. There are many potential hazards though linked to E-business such as security threats, data integrity issues, performance of the hardware and software applications in view of heightened transaction traffic. Success of E-business depends upon the ease with which transactions are done. The report deals with evaluation of The Bank of Scotland in the backdrop of its E-commerce applications in areas such as branding, customer segmentation, transactional facilities and degree of integration of online and offline operations. The report makes recommendations in those areas for improved performance and efficiency. <br />

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