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Marketing plan on Bank Sohar in Oman

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  A brief review of economic condition of Oman
  Bank Sohar – a recapitulation of its achievements
  An analysis of marketing strategy of Bank Sohar
  GE Matrix
  PESTLE Analysis
  McKinsey “7S” Model
  SWOT Analysis


Oman is still heavily dependent on subterranean petroleum which is depleting at a very fast pace. That time is not very far off when Oman would not have any petroleum to extract. Keeping in view that eventuality, Government of Oman has put in place a diversification process where tourism and natural gas based industries have been identified as key growth drivers. Though there are none in Oman that can be called to be below poverty line, one of the most remarkable facts is nearly 60% of labor force are expatriates. The other interesting fact about Oman is agriculture contributes only as little as 1.5% of the GDP of the country while industry and services provide the rest, with services contributing more than 50% of the GDP (Central Intelligence Agency 2011). All these unique factors put an enormous onus on services sector, especially banking sector, to provide the necessary thrust in maintaining and improving the economic status of the country.<br />

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