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Application of e-CRM to Banks

Number of Words : 2134

Number of References : 9


 Executive summary on CRM solutions
 Introduction on CRM systems
 Customer relationship management (CRM)
 Types of CRM
 Classification ofCRM programs
 Types of CRM
 Why CRM?
 Benefits and drawbacks of implementing CRM
 How to implement CRM?
 CRM in banking industry
 Banking industry ECRM model
 Value proposition of ECRM in banking
 Conclusion on CRM system
 Appendices on CRM solutions
 References of CRM


This paper has been prepared to summarize the learning on Customer Relationship Management (<b>CRM</b>) and its implications in <b>banking industry. Banking industry is growing very rapidly and so are the strategies and modes of reaching customer, serving them better, capturing new and retaining old customer. <b>Banks</b> have followed a number of such programs and procedures. Having realized need of <b>CRM</b> long back, <b>banks</b> have implemented <b>CRM</b> strategies but still more is to be done because of the present ever-changing world of Internet and technology.<br />

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