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Analysis of the famous case study on Banyan Tree Hotels & Resorts by Jochen Wirtz

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This paper answers the following questions on the case study – <br />Q. 1 Develop a service profile of the Banyan tree’s offer based on Levitt’s ‘total product concept’ (core, expected, augmented & potential). How does Banyan Tree add service value and differentiate from competitors? Do these services offer a sustainable competitive advantage? Why or Why not?<br />Q. 2 Anaylse and evaluate Banyan Tree’s brand positioning strategy. Can Banyan Tree maintain its unique positioning in an increasingly competitive market? <br />Note: this is a complex question and will require considerable secondary research to draw together the information (on target market, competition, other external factors and internal factors) needed to construct a clear and concise answer.<br />Q. 3. Analyse and evaluate the success or otherwise of the brand portfolio strategy of Banyan Tree, Angsana, as well as the product portfolio of beach resorts, and city hotels, spars, galleries and museum shops . Use branding concepts and knowledge from the chapter and lecture. Justify your analysis with evidence from your research.<br />Q. 4 Based on the analysis of issues discussed in the previous questions, what implications are there for marketing and the firm as a whole for the future? Draw out two implications, explain & justify<br />

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