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Marketing plan based on the famous case study of Beatrice’s Bookshop

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  Marketing environment
  Internal marketing environment
  External marketing environment
  SWOT Analysis
  SMART Objectives
  Segmentation, targeting and positioning strategy
  Marketing Mix: Proposal for 7 Ps
  Control & Evaluation


The book market is currently undergoing significant changes. Your friend Beatrice owns a bookshop where sales have declined over recent years. She feels she must rejuvenate (revive) her shop if it is to survive; otherwise Beatrice is concerned that she might need to close her shop. She has asked you for marketing advise to help with this rejuvenation.<br />The shop is small, and in addition to Beatrice, it is staffed by 2 part time employees. One of these staff members loves books whilst the other never reads anything. Beatrice has always prided herself on knowing a huge amount about books. She will always order books for her customers if she does not have a requested book in stock. These books usually arrive within 24 hours. <br />The local people in the town where the bookshop is located, feel the bookshop is expensive and the shop itself is tired and old. She has reviewed her customers recently and found a mixture of different types and ages of people buy various books. Some customers want fiction books (with crime stories being the most popular). She has several customers from the growing local college; these students tend to buy their textbooks at Beatrice’s bookshop as there is not college bookshop.<br />Many of these local people prefer to buy their books online or at the local supermarket where the books are discounted. However Beatrice has heard complaints about the lack of choice of books in supermarkets which tend to only sell top-selling books. Beatrice is also aware that there is growing popularity of e-books and that Apple hopes the ipad will further develop the number of books downloaded. Beatrice knows that following the building of new homes, many families have recently moved into the town. Many of these families have young children whilst others have teenagers. She does not know if or where these teenagers buy books.<br />Beatrice has always hoped her bookshop will be a place where book and reading-lovers can spend time and somewhere they can come for advice. <br />

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