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A comparison of two whole-school approaches to behavior management

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  Behavior management: Whole-school approaches
  Restorative Practices (RP)
  School-wide Positive Behavior Support (SWPBS) approach
  Similarities and differences


There have been a lot of healthy and positive changes in the whole scenario of schools across regions from the last decade. The background of the traditional school setup has been substituted by a new educational environment. The scenario in the traditional setup was quite an authoritarian way, where the cane ruled the students through control and fear. However, the setup has now been replaced by a restorative way, where the value of self-esteem is more welcomed by both teachers and students alike. Schools have now been featured as the ‘centre for social change that could provide all the social support that our youth was increasingly lacking’ (Harrison). At the same time, positive behavior support models are created and developed in order to review students behavior problems and conflicts. Such models are efficient and effective in teaching students how to demonstrate appropriate behavior and thus enhance their learning skills. This paper addresses the aspects of this restorative approach along with its comparison with SWPBS approach (School-wide Positive Behavior Support) adopted by schools in an attempt to find out the constructive changes it has brought to the school setup and environment. Before going into details of the two whole-school approaches mentioned above, lets first have a brief look on the entire scenario of the school environment and learning situations.<br />

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