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Marketing Strategy Assignment on Big Pond, Australia

Number of Words : 4034

Number of References : 6

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 1.0 Problem Identification, Research, and Decision Making 3
 1.1 Key Stakeholder Target 3
 1.2 Brand and Product Personality 6
 1.3 Competitive Frame 9
 2.0 Application and Evaluation 14
 2.1 Competitive Consumer Benefit 14
 2.2 Message Strategy 15
 2.3 Brand Contact Strategy 17
 2.4 Future Research 20
 3.0 References 21


The ISP selected for the research below is BigPond. The key target market for BigPond is the demographic group in the age range of 15-40 since who are heavy users of the internet since it is widely known that people from all age groups use the internet. BigPond is a part of the bigger telecommunication company Telstra and deals with the various types of internet services. Competition is fierce with respect to the ISPs since there have been companies from various countries entering the Australian market. The main competitors are Optus and Primus. The competitive consumer benefit for BigPond at this juncture can be summarized as “Rely on BigPond: Subscribe to one of our plans and enjoy the connectivity of Australia’s biggest network and services that will amaze you.” Its message strategy is based on maintaining its good network connectivity and offer specialized services to core groups. Its Brand strategy is based on communicating the same idea to consumers through different media available so that the brand image is instantly recognized. Future research should focus on the current strategies adopted i.e. their effects and consequences. <br />

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