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Analysis of Financial Management Policies of Boral Limited, Australia

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  Ratio Analysis
  Analysis of working capital management policies of Boral Limited
  Analysis of Financing policies of Boral Limited
  Analysis of earning distribution and dividend payout policies of Boral Limited
  Analysis of stock policies of Boral Limited
  Strategy plan outlining how the planned acquisition of James Hardie Industries N.V. should be financed by Boral Limited, including the impact of plan components on the current financial management policies followed by the company, and on Boral Limited’s weighted average cost of capital (WACC)
  Calculation of WACC for James Hardie Industries


Financial analysis gives a much clear view of the performance considerations of an organization. With the help of financial analysis, we can analyze and compare the present and past performances of a company and thereby can predict for the future as well. Management finds financial analysis as a very important tool. Also, the investors and the outsiders dealing with the considered organization find this analysis very useful. <br />The aim of this report is to analyse the working efficiency of Boral Limited and to compare its present day status with the previous years’. This in turn is said to be helpful in estimating the company’s financial strengths and weaknesses. <br />The analysis here is done with the help of normal size analysis, comparative analysis according to the organization’s financial data of last 4 years.<br />Techniques employed in the report are: Common size analysis, Comparative analysis, trend analysis and ratio analysis.<br />

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