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Essay on Brand Personality with key emphasis on Car industry

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Brand personality is a way by which a brand should behave or speak for itself. In short, it is nothing but the personification of brand. Every brand is given the touch of a human personality or behavior to make and feel and look it different from others. Just as a human being has got a personality, a brand is also created in such a way so that it also develops a personality in the eyes of the consumers. For example, when we speak about Dove, we mean honest, feminist and optimist. When the name of Hewlett Packard comes into our mind, we know that the brand represents competency, accomplishment and influence.<br />There is also a great bit of difference between brand personality and brand image. Brand image deals with the physical benefits and attributes of the product and brand personality deals with the emotional aspects of it. Brand personality is more concerned of developing brand equity of the product. It is more concerned with the feeling of the brand in the mind of the customer. Brand personality can describe what type of relationship a customer enjoys with the brand. Brand personality also describes the demographic features like age, gender or class or psychographic features of the users of the product or the brand.<br />

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