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Analysis of the famous case study Bristol Royal Infirmary Inquiry (Kennedy 2001)

Number of Words : 3894

Number of References : 16


 1. Introduction 3
 2. Background of the Inquiry 3
 3. Enquiry Establishment and Terms of Reference 4
 5. Views of pathologists and clinicians on post-mortems 6
 6. Views and role of parents at the time of post-mortems 7
 7. Discovery of retention of tissues by parents 8
 7. The Culture and Management at UBHT 9
 8. Inquiry Findings 11
 9. Issues with Bristol Royal Infirmary 12
 10. Recommendations 13
 References 15


The Bristol Royal Infirmary is a big teaching Hospital located in Bristol in England. It has close relations with Bristol University and is engaged in providing acute medical and surgical care, critical care, trauma, orthopaedic and accident and emergency medical services to the People of the Southern Bristol. It is also the centre for Cardio Thoracic services for the South West region of England (‘Learning from Bristol’ 2001).<br />The hospital was acquired by the National Health Service (NHS) in 1948 and was extensively developed. The hospital got into news because of an inquiry conducted against the Hospital authorities in the matter of the deaths of number of babies and young children during the period 1984-1995 due to heart surgery. The unfolding of the circumstances leading to the inquiry are discussed in the following paragraphs.<br />

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