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Management Accounting report for British Airways

Number of Words : 1867

Number of References : 7




This report is based on the following requirements – <br />You are to write a report as though you were a management consultant writing to the board of directors.<br />1 Background to the company – its products, processes, competitors, policies, but most of all its information needs based on the above - showing good reading of appropriate sources (a needs analysis if you like)<br />2 Review of management accounting – what is it, what needs does it fulfil, what are its key techniques.<br />3 The key techniques and methods that you would recommend to the company based on (1), and by definition the techniques you have decided not to recommend - and of course the justification for your choice(s). This should include some examples of decisions that could result from the new information.<br />4 The strengths and weaknesses of your analysis – for example the additional information you would have liked in order to improve your analysis.<br />

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