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Business Analysis of Bharti Airtel Company

Number of Words : 4379

Number of References : 24


 Executive summary 2
 Introduction 4
 External Analysis 4
 Political 5
 Economical 5
 Social 5
 Technological 6
 Ecological 6
 Legal 7
 Analysis of the firm 7
 (a) Corporate communication 8
 b. Corporate responsibility 9
 c. Human resource management strategies 9
 Swot Analysis 10
 Strategies 11
 Conclusion 14


Bharti Airtel Limited is one of the leading telecommunication firms in the world and operates in 19 countries across Africa and Asia. The firm offers data and mobile voice services, high speed broadband, DHT, IPTV, fixed line services as well as long distance carriers. Bharti is ranked as the sixth best technology firm in the world. It has over 200 million subscribers across the world. Bharti was established in 1985, it has been a force in the telecommunication industry with various innovations with regard to its credit, and it was the first firm to offer mobile services in Delhi and first private telephone provider in India. The firms Tele-Venture was introduced in 1995 for promoting both services and investment. The operations of the firm are mainly handled by two companies, the Infotel group which handles NLD, ILD, data, broadband, fixed line and satellite services while Mobility group deals with mobile services across India. <br />The firm has a net worth of $23.8 billion with net revenue of £ 48.8 billion as well as a profit of 8.9 billion in 2014. The firm is ranked as the sixth leading telecommunication Groups in the world with high credit ratings of A+ which demonstrates the firms long term performance as well as a good balance sheet. This paper presents a framework to separate as well as relate business models and their strategies for the Group. The paper focuses on both the corporate level and business strategies in defining the areas that the firm needs to act on. <br />Diversification is one of the main strategies used by many firms in at corporate level to generate value for the portfolio of business that’s beyond the value of the firm's operations. The firm’s value-creating ways are also monitored in the paper. Different approaches have been employed in the paper to establish both the internal and external strengths of Bharti Airtel in the market. Both Porter and SWOT analysis have been carried out for the firm. Various strategies have been developed to ensure the success of the firm in a competitive environment. <br />

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