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Business Analysis project on Emirates Airlines

Number of Words : 3811

Number of References : 12


 Introduction 3
 Emirates at a glance 3
 Key facts of Aviation industry 4
 Competitive position of Emirates Airlines 5
 Financial audit of three companies 9
 Profitability Ratios 9
 Liquidity ratio 10
 Efficiency ratio 12
 Earnings per share ratio 12
 Business Environment 13
 Pest Analysis 13
 Political 13
 Economic 14
 Social 14
 Technological 14
 Porters Five Forces Analysis 14
 Threat of new entrants 14
 Power of suppliers 15
 Power of Buyers 15
 Threat of substitutes 15
 Rivalry among established companies 16
 An appraisal of the limitations of financial models and conventional analysis 16
 Conclusion 16
 Recommendation 17
 References 18
 Annexure 1: Income statement for Emirates Airlines 20
 Annexure 2: Income statement of Singapore Airlines 20
 Annexure 3: Income statement for Malaysian Airlines 21


The airline industry is largely susceptible to unfavorable economic, financial and business situations which create confronts including traditionally ever rising fuel and labor costs (Wensveen, 2010). These costs create huge burden on the airline companies in terms of operating expenses. Unending doubts in the airline service environment have formed insightful interest in evaluating financial and business behavior of three major airline companies, namely, Emirates Airline, Singapore Airline and Malaysian Airline. The present mainly aims to evaluate the financial performance of Emirates Airlines by comparing with other competitors. Moreover, the business environment of Emirates airline will be analyzed with the help of Porter’s five forces analysis and PEST analysis. <br />

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