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Business Analysis Project on Tesco

Number of Words : 4431

Number of References : 13


  Analysis of Tesco and UK Retailing Industry
  Benchmarking Tesco with Morrison and Sainsbury
  Analysis of Tesco’s Financial Performance
  Strategic Analysis of Tesco through Appropriate Framework
  Limitations of Financial Analysis and Analytical Models
  Analysis and Interpretation of Issues
  Conclusion and Recommendations
  Spreadsheet Scenario testing


The analysis of Tesco Plc in the given business analysis project is performed in a sequential manner, whereby initially there will be a brief analysis of Tesco itself and the retailing industry within UK. This is followed by a comparison of Tesco’s performance with two other major retail players within the retailing industry through benchmarking. Since this business analysis project is aimed at analysing Tesco, the analysis is mainly performed in the form of financial as well as strategic analysis. The financial performance analysis is carried out through considering important financial ratios, whereas the strategic analysis is aimed at identifying strategic issues through applying various strategic models. A critical analysis is then performed regarding the overall performance of the company and this is followed by the development of certain recommendations for effectively overcoming the identified issues as faced by Tesco.<br />

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