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Analysis of business environment of Lulu Hypermarkets

Number of Words : 4472

Number of References : 15


 Introduction 3
 Analysis of the Industry 3
 PESTEL Analysis 3
 Porter’s Five Forces 6
 Internal Core Competencies 8
 Identification of the Possible Scenarios 9
 Evaluation of the Strategy and Recommendations 13
 Recommendation Criteria 16
 References 18


Strategy is a set of decisions and actions executed by the organization in response to the changes in the internal or external organization to ensure continued sustainability and growth of the organization (Rothaermel, 2016). Strategy is intended to provide direction to the organization when an organization is faced with challenges regarding growth, competition, market variations, changes in consumer preferences or changes in the social or economic conditions in which the organization operates (Mckeown, 2015). LuLu Hypermarket is a retail division of the multinational and multidimensional LuLu Group International and is known as the trend setter in the retail industry in the Gulf region (LuLu, 2017). The company offers best and modern shopping facility for its consumers by integrating all the consumer needs in different sections under one roof. LuLu has 133 outlets in the Gulf region and offers international mix of products (LuLu, 2017). The company has several outlets in UAE, Qatar, Kuwait, Kingdome of Saudi Arabia, Oman, Bahrain (LuLu, 2017). This report critically analyzes the external environment of the organization. The report also analyzes the resources and competencies of the organization, which contribute to its strategies and performance. The report then assess its current strategy and recommends possible future strategies. The future strategies are then evaluated for its effectiveness based on the external and internal environmental condition of the organization<br />

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