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Business Environment analysis of Schlumberger

Number of Words : 4561

Number of References : 17


 Introduction 3
 External Environmental Analysis 3
 PESTLE Analysis 3
 Porter’s Five Forces 5
 Internal Environmental Analysis 7
 Identification of Possible Scenarios 8
 Evaluation of Strategy and Recommendation 12
 Recommendations Criteria 15
 References 17


Strategy development and implementation is one of the most important functions of the organization as it enables the company to achieve profits and sustained growth (Spender, 2014). Effective strategies enable the organization to have competitive edge and achieve greater level of customer satisfaction. Strategies when applied after the internal and external environmental analysis enable organizations to achieve greater benefit as compared to the strategies, which are applied based on the changing environment (Mckeown, 2015). Schlumberger is the leading supplier of technology, information solutions and integrated project management to the customers in oil and gas industry across the world (SLB, 2016). The company provides widest range of products and services for exploration and other services related to production (SLB, 2016). The company has around 95,000 employees belonging to 140 nationalities who are working in more than 85 countries. Schlumberger has been able to sustain as a market leader in spite of competition (SLB, 2016). The report analyses the internal and external environmental factors, which influence the environment in which Schlumberger operates. The report the analyses existing and possible strategies, which provides the company competitive advantage. The report then evaluates and recommends strategies for growth and sustainability.<br />

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