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Business modeling assignment

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 This document provides answers to the following questions –
 What is the place of Business modeling in relation the various classifications of systems such as MIS, DSS and Expert Systems?
 What kind of development process is possible with Business modeling and how does this relate to traditional methodologies such as SDLC and end user development?
 What kind of Business modeling is suited for spreadsheets and what types of models can be considered?
 What kind of Business modeling is best suited to database?


A <b>model</b> is developed for assessing the data processing and data flow efficiencies of information and decision-support systems that have several users. The quality of the data is examined by the <b>model</b> at several processing stages, including the data at time of collection, input, processing, and output. The <b>model</b> is especially adept at identifying points in the system where errors could occur, and at assigning magnitudes to the potential error locations identified. “The <b>model</b> developed employs recursive algorithms to trace processing flows backward in order to determine higher quality processing alternatives with lower error ratios” (Harold, 1985). A computer based <b>model</b> will allow to experiment in a safe environment. <b>Models</b> are expressed in a variety of ways. These include, verbal, algebraic, graphical and statistical. It does not matter which way they are expressed as long as the <b>model</b> is:
• Internally consistent - possesses a logical argument which is correct and contains no mathematical errors
• Elegant - possesses a simple structure<br />

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