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Business plan on a Bakery

Number of Words : 5238

Number of References : 14


 Executive Summary 2
 An Overview of Proposed New Venture 3
 Business Form-Ownership 3
 Business Activity 3
 Products & Services 4
 Business Objectives 5
 Mission Statement 5
 Location and Facilities 5
 Market Analysis & Identification of Customers 6
 Competitor Analysis 8
 Competitive Advantage 9
 Market Entry & Growth Strategies 10
 Marketing & Promotional Strategies 11
 Key Personnel 15
 Equipments Required 16
 Identification of Risk 17
 Managing the risk 18
 Timeline 18
 Finance Plan 20
 Turnover 20
 Profit 20
 Break-Even 20
 Funding Requirement 21
 Source of Funds 21
 References 24
 Bibliography 26


The demand for variety of food and beverages is consistently increasing in all parts of the world. The demand for western foods is on rise in Oman since there is an increased population of expats coming from all over the world (Omanexpo, 2009). Also, the country is encouraging the small and medium sized business owners to start up businesses in various sectors so that the economy of the country is not dependent only on its oil resources. The government has been providing various aides for the new businesses under its development programs by improving infrastructure connecting the different parts of the country well with new transport facilities adopting information technology in all the business sectors. The government is also inviting foreign investments, which will enable them to explore different business sectors and add significant value to their economy. The country is also promoting tourism, which would increase the number of tourists visiting the country. <br />

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