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Business plan for a Coffee House

Number of Words : 5833

Number of References : 6


 1 Executive Summary 3
 2 Business Description 4
 2.1 Overview of the Business 4
 2.2 Vision & Mission 4
 2.3 Company Ownership 5
 2.4 Start-up Summary 6
 2.5 Goals and Potential of the Business 7
 2.6 Uniqueness of Products or Services 7
 3 Research Analysis 9
 3.1 Industry Analysis 9
 3.2 Market Size and Trend 10
 3.3 Competitive Analysis 10
 4 Sustainability Statement 11
 4.1 Sustainable Development Definition 11
 4.2 Market and Industry and level of commitment of sustainability 12
 4.3 Performance Measure 12
 5 Marketing Plan 12
 5.1 Marketing Objectives 12
 5.1 Market Segmentation 13
 5.2 Target Market Identification 14
 5.3 Market Positioning 14
 5.4 Market Programs (4 Ps) 15
 5.5 Sales Strategy and Forecast 17
 6 Management and Operation 18
 6.1 Management Team- Key Personnel 18
 6.2 Legal Structure- Ownership 19
 6.3 Physical Location and Facilities 19
 6.4 Inventory, Production and Quality Assurance 20
 7 Financial Plan 21
 7.1 Profit & Loss Forecast 21
 7.2 Projected Cash Flow 22
 7.3 Projected Balanced Sheet 23
 7.4 Break Even Analysis 23
 7.5 Cost Control 24
 7.6 Budgeting Plan 25
 7.7 Salary Breakdown 25
 8 Critical Risks 26
 8.1 Potential Risks 26
 8.2 Environmental Risks 26
 8.3 Alternative course of Action 27
 9 Milestone Schedule 27
 9.1 Timing and Objectives 28
 9.2 Deadlines and Milestones 28
 9.3 Relationship of Events 29
 9.4 Funding Request 29
 9.5 Exit Strategy 29
 10. References 31


Coffee is the most favorite drink of many across the world. Coffee houses came in to existence from centuries ago and was considered as the most vibrant social place. The traditional coffee houses were a place to meet, talk and debate. But today with rapidly increasing technology the internet services can be made available in the shops with less expenses and changes in infrastructure, which has extended the use of the shops to business meeting places, studying place and carrying out some official work along with coffee. Today, the coffee shops not only allow people to sit and talk but also use the internet services for no extra cost. The people of New Zealand in the past few decades have developed increased liking for coffee and have turned in to connoisseurs of the coffee they have. There is increased popularity of coffee in the country, which has led to growth in the industry and as a result there is increased opportunity for new cafes across the country. ABC Coffee house aims to take this opportunity and establish its company with its unique strategy of providing the locals with freshly brewed coffee made from coffee beans purchased from different regions. Alan Smith has good amount of experience in coffee making and hospitality industry and Richard Walker who also has been in hospitality industry in the marketing field are keen on establishing their own coffee shop since the business has good scope and can give them an opportunity to establish chains of coffee shop.<br />

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