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Business plan for undergarment dryer

Number of Words : 5616


 Business Details 5
 Industry and Market Analysis 6
 Customers and value proposition 9
 Good Idea 10
 Skilful Integration 10
 Fair Price 10
 Emotional Consideration 10
 Marketing Strategy 10
 Price, Promotions and Distribution 10
 Launch strategy 12
 Sales tactics 13
 Brand development 13
 Competitive Reaction 13
 Product and market development 14
 Growth potential 14
 Operations Plan 14
 Key Operating Activities 14
 Partnerships 14
 Business Controls 15
 IP Issues 15
 Scalability 16
 Management Team and Company Structure 16
 Key People 16
 Business Organization or Structure 16
 Directors, Advisors and other key partners 17
 Skill Gaps and Plans for filling them 17
 Resources 17
 Premises and facilities 18
 Machinery and equipment 18
 Staff 18
 Financing 18
 Founder’s Contribution 18
 Loan/Equity Finance Requirements 19
 Gearing/ Leverage 19
 Time scale and exit routes for equity investors 19
 Financial Projections 20
 Income Projections 20
 Cash Flow Projections 20
 Balance Sheet Projections 21
 Ratios 21
 Risks and strategic options 22
 Identification of Specific Risks 22
 Risk Monitoring and Mitigation 22
 Critical Success Factors 22
 Key Milestones 23
 Bibliography 24
 Appendix 25


The paper reflects on the formulation of a business plan for underwear dryer company, Canbin that aims to set up its business in Oman. It makes a thorough evaluation of the current market before the launch of the product while it also conducts an effective marketing, operational and financial analysis to evaluate the feasibility of launching the product in the market of Oman. <br />

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