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Questions on Business Project Management

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 This report answers the following questions -
 As a business project management student, they are expected to understand the project planning process, making decision based on techniques, tools and strategies, and deploy the necessary techniques to achieve the over-all goal of the project. In view of this,they are required to answer the following tasks:
 1.Critically discuss the relationship between the three primary objectives namely :time, cost and quality. Cite examples to illustrate the balance of these objectives(time/cost,quality/cost).
 2. Critically evaluate the usefulness of the techniques used to demonstrate the balance of time, cost and quality in ensuring the success of the project:
 a. Critical Path Method(Time)
 b. Choose either of the following(Internal Rate of Return,Net Present Value, PaybackMethod)
 c. Total Quality Management
 3. Critical appraise the advantages and disadvantages of each techniques mentioned in question no.2.


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