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Business Strategy of Emirates Airlines

Number of Words : 4271

Number of References : 27


 About the company 3
 Company’s Business Strategy 4
 External Environment of the Company 5
 PEST analysis 5
 Political 6
 Economic 6
 Social 7
 Technological 7
 Bowman’s Strategic clock 7
 Internal environment of the company 9
 SWOT analysis of Emirates 9
 Strength 9
 Weakness 10
 Opportunity 11
 Threat 11
 Porter’s five forces analysis 11
 Threat of new entrants: 12
 Power of suppliers 12
 Power of Buyers 13
 Threat of substitutes 13
 Rivalry among established companies 13
 Strategic Option of the Company 14
 Evaluation of the Strategic Option of the Company 16
 Recommendation 17
 Conclusion 19
 References 20


In order to keep pace with the rising competition and globalization, each organization needs to analyze its business environment to formulate competitive strategies. Business environment requires analyzing all external and internal factors associated with the working culture of the company. External factors include macroeconomic, microeconomic, political and technological factors whereas internal factors consists of organizational cultures, policies and strategies of a business, techniques of production, management information system and human resource techniques (Schaltegger, Freund, & Hansen, 2011). A business does not have any control on its external factors as it mostly depends on environment. On the other hand internal factors remain in the control of a business as they are mostly associated with the organisational culture. The present research report has been prepared by giving focus on to analyse the business environment of an airline company. In order to consider a case study we have taken up a case of Emirates which is the largest airline in the Middle East. Emirates airline is based in Dubai and it is wholly owned by government of Dubai’s Investment Corporation of Dubai (Emirates, 2014). It has established itself as a strong brand image in the aviation industry especially in terms of customer services and rapid growth. <br />

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