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Report on Strategies for managing in modern retail environment using the case study of BVS Stores

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– “Strategies for managing in a modern retail environment: how to provide operational quality and value for the consumer whilst maximizing returns for investors through efficient organizational and supply chain processes.” <br />Retail is undergoing revolution and a mode to grow because of market expansion across the world and several factors are reasons for this immense revolution in consumer’s buying behaviour. Retailing has a country interest involved also, as it incorporates the interests of the farmers as well. High disposable income, knowledgeable and informed consumers, multiple channel of information, advanced information technology has given this market a huge push. Retailers have explored their ground realities and domestic markets and now as a part of expansion of horizon are expanding their margin of business. Retailing means sale of goods and services or even merchandising from a static location and a place where consumers get more variety. It may include some subordinated services as well for example home delivery etc. Here purchasers could be individuals or whole-sellers. They buy in large quantity to adopt a cost optimization technique and then sells in portions but their biggest challenge remains storage and supply chain and of-course procurement cost that cannot be access to selling cost, which is largely the case. For retailers distribution strategy has to be strengthened and careful approach. With the increasing consumer demand, per capita income, and increasing purchasing power of consumers, Retail format of shopping are seen to be gaining more and more momentum in almost all part of the world (ATKearney, 2006).<br />With this vision, Best Value Stores (BVS) want to expand their business, increase profitability and most importantly market share. The strategy that has to be adopted has to go in line with the supply chain and inventory management process in BVS stores. A highly technical and process oriented, strong operation on the shop floor would identify BVS the brand amongst many others and would be able to capture a large portion of the market share going forward. <br />

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