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Business Marketing Plan for Canadian Broadcasting Corporation

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  Executive summary
  Objectives of the study
  Scope of the study
  Product and Channel Strategies
  Product Portfolio of Canadian Broadcasting Corporation
  New Product Development Opportunity
  Channel Strategy
  Communication and Pricing Strategies
  Communication Strategy
  Communication elements for effective communication strategy
  Advertising Strategy
  Public Relations Strategy
  Direct Marketing
  Integration of Advertising, PR and Direct marketing
  Nature of Competition in Asia
  Pricing Strategy for Radio Canada International
  Penetration Pricing Strategy
  Marketing plan implementations
  Measure performance of Marketing Strategy
  Causes for high or low performance of Marketing Strategy


The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, typically referred to as the CBC, is a nationwide community broadcaster of Canada. The idea of a community broadcaster surfaced throughout the halcyon days associated with radio in the beginning part of the 20th century. Radio offered a fresh approach to disseminate information and knowledge, and launched a new channel for leisure. In the present time period, CBC is experiencing financial meltdown due to reduction in advertising revenue and there is a strong need of product or market development with new and distinctive marketing strategies. Radio Canada International (RCI) is a renowned product line of CBC serving many countries featuring a fresh, informative and compelling content. To branch out the horizons of RCI, a new business plan with product development and market development has been developed to target the segments in Asian countries to achieve competitive advantage and turn into a market leader. An entire identification of opportunity has triggered the enhancement of the new marketing and advertising strategies in Asia for the reason that culture, values, norms, interests and buying behavior of Asian market is extremely different in comparison to other market segments. In 2010, Canada Broadcasting Corporation confronted a downfall period as a result of decline in the advertising gains and profits. This new business plan development together with defined channel, advertising, pricing and communication strategies have been created because these strategies ascertain prosperous directions for connections buildings across diverse civilizations at the start and maintaining stage for CBC. Local, regional and international channels set up numerous challenges and competition for Radio Canada International. Consequently, to start with, penetration pricing strategy is going to be used to penetrate in the new market proficiently and capture the market share prudently.<br />

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