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Analysis of the famous case study ‘Canterbury Precision Engineers Ltd: implementing quality management improvements in a smaller firm’ By Tom Batley

Number of Words : 2834

Number of References : 9

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 Executive Summary 3
 Introduction 3
 The Company Background 4
 SWOT Analysis 6
 PEST Analysis 7
  Political factors 7
  Economical factors 7
  Socio-Cultural factors 7
  Technological factors 7
 The details of the overall project and the process 8
 Requirement of an external Consultant 8
 Measures to be undertaken 8
 The Proposed Plan 9
 Challenges 12
 Recommendations 12
 Conclusion 13
 Bibliography 14


Canterbury Precision Engineers Ltd. is a manufacturing firm based in Christchurch, New Zealand serving the technological requirement of the small companies locally. They specialize in manufacturing of tools, dies, engineering fabrication and equipments required in manufacturing companies. <br />Canterbury Precisions Engineers Ltd. is a partnership company incorporated by Tom Charlwood and Martin who had no management educational background but they had good engineering skill and enthusiasm to operate a business. Presently the company runs with 54 employees having implemented a number of quality management practices but still persisting to achieve a competitive advantage in the market. <br />The assignment gives an overview of the company’s internal and external environmental forces and a proposed plan and recommendations to be implemented to direct their efforts efficiently and achieve a competitive edge in the market.<br />

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