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Essay on the famous capture of the Kelly gang in 1880 in Australia

Number of Words : 2086

Number of References : 6


 Introduction 2
 Brief of the Primary Source: Capture of the Kelly Gang 2
 Primary Source: Capture of the Kelly Gang 5
 Key Terms in the Primary Source 5
 Issues that the Article Highlights 6
 Kelly Gang--- Criminals or Folk Heroes 6
 Challenges Faced by a Historian 7
 Demonization of the Kelly gang 8
 Conclusion 8
 References 10


Studying history and interpreting the events of the past is a challenging job. It demands a lot research and analyzing skills on part of the historian. The most important challenge is to collect information from the past and judge the authenticity of the material. . But the content that is researched is bound to depend on the source. The only way to judge the authenticity is to refer more and more content on the same topic as there is no real evidence that can be investigated. From researching and studying different material a conclusion can be drawn. <br />Following is the essay on the famous capture of the Kelly gang in 1880 in Australia. The essay puts forward the issues that the primary source addresses. At the same time it is compared with other secondary sources. The essay also identifies the challenges that a historian faces in accurately interpreting the information in the sources.<br />

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