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An advertising and public relation campaign on Carrefour, a retail chain in Europe

Number of Words : 2585

Number of References : 16

Popular By : Carrefour Target market


 Introduction: 3
 About Carrefour 3
 Target market 4
 Target market of Carrefour Dubai 4
 Target audience 4
 Media Selection for Carrefour 5
 Creative strategy: 8
 Media strategy 8
 Print 8
 Audio: 9
 Visuals: 9
 Direct mail 9
 a) Social media 10
 b) Word of mouth 11
 Media Scheduling: 11
 Program monitoring: 12
 Program evaluation: 12
 Bibliography 14


Advertisement campaign evaluation is the final step, it is about measuring the result of campaign, and the cost invested must be evaluated. Evaluation is a two way process, first a pre-campaign test must be conducted, to analyze the situation prior to the implementation of the advertisement campaign. Then the second step is post campaign test, to evaluate the post campaign effects on sales and customer awareness.<br />For evaluating this advertisement campaign, the marketer can see the sales figures before and after the advertisement campaigns, to check whether there is increase in sales or not. In order to check the fulfillment of second objective, to increase the customer, the campaign may be measured by knowing the number of people who are aware of the product. For this a market survey, through internet can be organized. (Crano & W. Selnow)<br />

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