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Analysis of the famous case study - Employee relations at Tesco

Number of Words : 4301

Number of References : 16


 This paper answers the following questions of the case study -
 Question 1
 With reference to the case study
 a) Define industrial relations and evaluate the traditional approaches to industrial relations that are likely to have existed in Tesco prior to the 1998 agreement with the USDAW.
 b) The case study highlights that a ‘partnership approach’ was taken to Employee Relations with the agreement of USDAW in 1998. Why was a change in their approach to employee relations necessary?
 Question 2
 The case study advises that an agreement to build a partnership approach with the Union was taken. Evaluate the success of this approach and the alternative approaches that could have been considered along with the likely role of the trade unions involved.
 Question 3
 Evaluate the reasons behind the changing landscape of industrial relations over the last 30 years and the impact that this has had on contracts of employment and the potential areas for conflict.


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