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Analysis of the famous case study on DHL Bangladesh by Hemant Merchant and Masud Chand

Number of Words : 3123

Number of References : 8


 Executive Summary 2
 Understanding the Case Analysis 2
 SWOT Analysis of DHL Bangladesh 2
 Company STRENGTHS 2
 Applying Porters 5 forces to DHL Bangladesh 4
 Risks through new entrants 5
 Rivalry among the companies 5
 Threats from Substitute Products 5
 Bargaining Power of Buyers 5
 Bargaining power of suppliers 5
 Problems Faced by DHL Bangladesh 6
 Setting higher quotes 6
 Adapting with the reasonable the price 7
 Geographical pricing (Cash, Countertrade and then Barter) 7
 Price allowances and discounts 7
 Promotional Pricing 8
 Differentiated pricing 8
 Initiating Price cuts 8
 Initiating price increases 9
 Responding to competitor’s price changes 9
 Conclusion 10
 References 11


This study deals with the significant information on DHL Bangladesh along with the different problems faced by DHL Bangladesh and it proposes different solutions to the problems that take place in DHL Bangladesh.<br />

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