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Analysis of the famous case study on Fresh First Canning Company

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 This report is based on the following case study –
 Canning company FreshFirst Canning is opening a new factory in the state of Queensland. The company has three other factories – two in Victoria and one in New South Wales. All employees in the existing factories are unionised, covered by a major manufacturing union. Those factories operate on the basis of traditional assembly-line organisation of work, with strong, centralised management control.
 The factories have strict seniority arrangements for pay, promotion and redundancies.
 The new Queensland plant is a greenfield site and will be organised around a high-commitment work system. All work in the administration section and on the shop floor will be organised on the basis of teams of multi-skilled workers. It is expected that performance levels will be higher and absenteeism and turnover levels will be lower than in the existing factories.
 The HR department, based in the company’s head office in Melbourne, has advertised for 180 production workers for the new plant. The HR department is interviewing workers from the company’s other factories around Australia to determine their willingness and readiness to accept employment in the new Queensland factory. They have also received a total of 500 applications from the external labour market. The CEO has requested advice from the HR department on the best way to determine the terms and conditions of employment for employees at the new Queensland factory.


This report is based on the following task – <br />Develop a report that informs the CEO of the options available to the company under the Fair Work Act (2009). The report should explain the advantages and disadvantages of each option, and explore the consequences of the various options for industrial relations and human resource management within the company. The report should be framed within the concept of a high-commitment work system and provide the CEO with recommendations appropriate to the new venture. The report should be a confidential report for the Chief Executive Officer of FreshFirst Canning Company, and be presented as a suitably professional document.<br />

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